Johan’s No-No

The title is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Everybody who has even flipped on a news station ad watched the sports section has probably heard of the No Hitter Mets pitcher Johan Santana threw yesterday, the first one in Mets history. In the Mets 50 year history, no pitcher has EVER thrown a No Hitter, despite Tom Seaver taking three of them into the 9th inning, but only to be broken up, the most famous in 1969.

The unsung hero award of this game, goes to an outfielder that most people don’t know, a left fielder by the name of Mike Baxter, and if you remember from last year, I caught his first ever Triple-A home run. In the 7th inning, Baxter rushed back to make an attempt to catch a baseball of the bat of Yadier Molina that looked long gone. The ball appeared to be landing just short off the wall, a hard catch to make at Citi Field. Baxter rushed back and made the catch, crashing awkwardly into the wall and hurting his left shoulder, but hanging onto the ball.


Here’s a picture of Josh Thole, who came off the DL that day, celebrating with Santana after he struck out the last batter.


After the game, Johan said to his team “We did it, finally!”
And to the fans “I’m very happy, and happy for you guys — finally the first one”

Terry Collins told Santana “You’re my hero” on the field after the no hitter.

Post game, during a press conference, Collins said “I don’t know why I’m up here, Johan did it, tonight is his night.”

After 50 years, 8.019 games, and 3 almost no hitters, it has been done, Mets fans.




  1. Quinn

    No-Han baby! It was awesome seeing him threw so man pitches and still being able to complete the no hitter. Mike Baxter is easily the hero as he is now out 6 weeks. He had an amazing catch.

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