Mothers Day In Baseball

Ah, Mothers Day is here! While we all celebrate our Mothers on Mothers Day, there are some celebrations done in baseball, too! The field is coated with pink! Players use limited edition pink bats manufactured by Louisville Slugger for the occasion. They were first used in 2006, and have been in use for about 6 years today. In addition to using the unique Sluggers, players and field-staff wear pink wristbands and pink ribbons, while bases and homeplates were tagged with the breast cancer awareness logo, and line-ups were written on a pink card lineup card. All of the specially produced memorabilia is later autographed and auctioned off on to benefit Komen for the Cure. In its debut season, “Major League Baseball and its fans collectively raised $350,000” through the program. Players such as Manny Ramirez, Richie Sexson, Ryan Howard, Alex Rios, Jimmy Rollins, Xavier Nady, Jim Thome, Carl Crawford, David Ortiz, Mark Teizara, Ken Griffey Jr, and many many more. Other players, including Geoff Blum, KhalilGreene and Mike Cameron, flatly refused to use the unorthodox bats. (Because apparently they think their hotshots).

In 2007, Biggio, Blalock, Berkman, Dye, Hunter, Griffey, Young, Teixeira, Hall, Rollins, Garko (Thats for you, Danny), and Pujols used the pink bats, along with over 200 more players. Pitcher Mike Myers of the New York Yankees ordered a pink glove. Myers said he would ignore the rule and face a fine. Ultimately there was no issue since
Myers did not appear in the game. The MLB thought the pink glove would distract batters. Right, because those pink bats don’t distract pitchers?


A picture of the pink bats.

In its third year, 2008, the program offered pink wristbands and pink titanium necklaces. Nick Swisher of the Chicago White Sox also dyed his goatee pink in honor of his deceased grandmother Betty. Last year, I got a pink wristband from Buffalo bullpen pitcher Jose De La Torre, which I will post later.


The pink titanium necklaces


….and the pink wristbands.

In 2009 and 2010 a lot of players donned the bats, including the players from previous years. The MLB ran an honorary batgirl contest in 2009, of which the proceeds went to fund breast cancer awareness. In 2010, Chris Coghlan planned on giving the bat he used to his mother, after having recorded his first three-hit game of the season with it.

In 2011, among with the pink wristbands and necklaces, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia wore pink plated catchers gear.


The pink plated catchers gear worn by Jarrod S. it was engraved with R.S. and A.S., his grandmothers and mothers initials.

In 2012, many players will wear the pink wristbands, necklaces, and will bat with the pink bats. I will post an update if any special out of the ordinary pink gear pops up.




  1. philadelphia45

    I’m glad that the blog is continuing. Yesterday, Twitter said that your account was unavailable and I thought that after the fight, you were getting rid of the blog.

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