Wally Backman Q&A

We caught up with new Bisons’ manager Wally Backman at the 2012 Hot Stove Event and got a Q&A with him.  Here it is:


nybisons:  What are you looking forward to this year with the Bisons?

Wally Backman:  “Winning”.


nyb:  What is your inspiration going into this year?

WB:  “Just the idea; The inspiration is that you know you’re at the level that you’re going to have a lot of guys that you’re trying to get better to get to the Major Leagues.  This is the… ultimate step; That opportunity to develop players and get them to the big leagues”.


nyb:  What was your favorite team/ player growing up?

WB:  “I grew up in Oregon so I really didn’t really have a favorite team.  I liked the Dodgers.  I was kind of a Dodgers’ fan because I grew up on the west coast.”


nyb:  What was your favorite moment in your playing career?

WB:  “Winning the World Series”.


nyb:  What was your favorite stadium that you ever played in?

WB:  “Shea Stadium”.


nyb:  Did you ever dream of going pro in another sport?

WB:  “I wasn’t big enough”.


nyb:  Have you had chicken wings in Buffalo yet?

WB:  “Not yet; I hear they’re good”.


We recommended Duff’s.

Wally was very fan friendly and can’t wait to see how he manages. I don’t know if he would like this, but search his name on YouTube and watch the first video that shows up (with the volume down) and you can check out his managing style.



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